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Adjectives 3 sets
Animals 5 sets
Body Parts
Buildings (live)
Chores - 'have to'
Christmas 2 sets
Classroom 2 sets
Clothing 3 sets
Daily Routines
Descriptions (hair)
Fantasy 2 sets
Fruit (with likes, does, doesn't)
Future Tense (be going to ~)
Halloween 3 sets
Health have and feel sets
Hobbies 2 sets
House 2 sets
Kitchen 3 sets
Living Room
Months + clipart
Music - instruments
Nationalities 3 sets
Nature 3 sets
Part-time Jobs 3 sets
Passive Verbs 2 sets
Past Tense 3 sets
People/Jobs 2 sets
Phrasal Verbs 2 sets
Places 2 sets + There is
Plural Nouns
Prepositions of place and movement
Pronouns object and possessive pronouns
Question Words
Recess Activities 2 sets
School Building
School Subjects
Senses 5 sets: look, feel, sound, taste, smell
Shapes and Colors
Signs - road signs + prohibition
Sports 3 sets
St. Patrick's Day
Super Powers
Thanksgiving 2 sets
Time clock faces
Valentine's Day
Verbs 5 sets +can
Weather + elements

Worksheets for MES Flashcards

 Bingo is a great game for practicing questions/answers as well as negatives.  Children want to draw the cards themselves, so I make Bingo a guessing game.  As an example, for the people set:

One students takes a card and asks the other students 'What's he?'  The other students guess 'Is he a mailman?' 'Yes. He's a mailman. / No.  He's not a mailman.' 

This will work across the board for almost any set varying the question/answer.  ex. What's this?  Is it ~.


  This is just what it sounds like, Bingo in reverse.  Students choose five pictures and circle/place chips on them.  If one of the students choices comes up, they can erase their mark or remove their marker.  When all have been removed the student wins and shouts, "OGNIB!"  This is a great change of pace and will last longer than bingo.  You will see about 80% of the vocabulary appear before you get a winner.

Gimme that:

 Have the students look at their cards for 10-15 seconds and memorize them.  Then draw cards one at a time and say the vocabulary word.  If that word appears on the student's bingo card the student will say something like, 'I want that card.'  'May I have that card.' (or 'Gimme that.' which I don't actually endorse.) Another option is to elect a group leader to read for each round.  Award one point for correct choices and minus 2 for incorrect choices.  This game is also known as Wordwish and I Want That Card

For One on One or pair work:

 Hide your bingo card from the other's sight.  'A' can call out one item and 'B' gets to mark his card.  Then the 'B' calls out any item and 'A' gets to mark his card.  Continue this until one person gets bingo.  The first person to get bingo wins.

This can be done as a class activity and see how many wins each students can get during the allotted game time.

Another one on one game is to have A draw a card and B gets 3 guesses.  If B can guess within 3 tries B can place a marker on her bingo board.  If not, a can place a marker on her bingo board and then play shifts to B who draws a card.  Then A gets 3 guesses.  The first to get bingo is the winner.

For Large classes:

 Break large classes into small groups of 5-6 students or less.  If you play as a whole class you really limit the amount of interaction the students have.  It will be difficult to orchestrate at first.  I generally have one group play, while all the others huddle around and watch.  Once you've played in groups a few times it will be easier.  If you are practicing q&a as well, make sure you drill the language very well before letting the groups play.  There are 12 bingo cards in each set on this site.  If you generally work with large classes you might want to make 4 sets of 12.  It is not necessary to have 48 different cards.

Cut Throat Bingo: For 3-4 People

One person draws a card and the others try to guess.  The person who guesses correctly may place a marker on his bingo card as can the person who drew the card.  The others may not.  The person who guessed correctly draws the next card and play continues as above until someone gets bingo.  The game may end in a draw with 4 players.

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