MES Online Flashcards: 130+ topics to choose from

The online flashcards let you use MES flashcards anywhere and anytime. Display them on a tablet, smartboard, notebook computer or even your phone. No more need to print and make large flashcards. No need to haul files of cards around class to class or school to school.

(I'll be adding sets as fast as I can throughout 2020. If you need something that's not listed, let me know and I'll bump it up on the to-do list.)

Already over 100 topics to choose from and more to come. Chose a topic below to get started.

About the cards: Each of the sets displays the flashcard large on the screen in the cener, with the text displayed above the card. There are controls below the card to click through the set and you can click/tap the card to hear the vocabulary word pronounced.

In the menu, you can control how the cards are displayed. Add or remove the text, stop the audio, and shuffle the order.

The random feature will randomly choose a card, but will not change the order of the cards. If you want to click through all of the cards in a random order, go into the menu and choose the 'shuffle' feature.

Menu Options:

- you can turn off the audio if it's distracting

- you can turn off the text for teaching LOTE

- you can shuffle the card order

- there are 2 simple vocabulary games you can play

- a deck of card options to randomly draw cards

the Deck of Cards: This feature was designed to replace the need for the small game cards. You can use these cards to create a randomness and some control over which card comes up. There is an option for cards with images and an option for text. The text version is good for older students and for reading practice with younger students.

I use these for discussion. A student chooses a card and makes a statement about the card, or the student asks a question to another student about the card.

They can also be used to draw cards for bingo. Instead of using the small game cards

Games Ideas for the Deck of Cards:

Hot Potato - assign one card to be the losing/out card. Students click through the cards one by one and whoever gets the 'out' card is out of the game. Reshuffle the cards and play again with the students that are still in the game. Repeat this process until you have a champion.

Taboo - Students choose a card and describe the item. Other students guess what the card is. If they are correct the player choose the next card and play continues. Give them a time limit and see how many cards they can get. This is a fun game to play in teams of 2-4 students.

Collect the Points - assign points to 2-3 cards. Students draw the cards one by one and complete your language task. If the student draws a point card, that student gets the points. Play a few rounds and whoever has the most points is the winner. (This is a good game for younger children.)

For use in online teaching:

I originally designed the program to be used in live environments. However, we are now faced with the challenge of online language classes. The application works best on a desktop or laptop and is compatible with online conference software in a share screen mode. I will be working to get all of the new materials up as online flashcards first and I will add print options afterward.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the program, please send me an email. I'll do everything I can to make this effective, user friendly and help you help your students.

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