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Game card backing
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Author:  Aussie_Teacher [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:38 am ]
Post subject:  Game card backing

Hi Mark, I know many of the game cards have a B&W version but was wondering about the coloured (yes I use British spelling lol) ones and if next time you make them if you could try and make the colours a much lighter version. I added an ink-well to my printer and print all my stuff and your flashcards etc, on photo paper and the amount of ink that drains when doing the game cards is huge because of the backing cards being so colourful. Only a small thing, but for me it would save on a lot of ink.

I know I could print a copy first on paper then scan and edit the colours, but apart from costing extra paper, ink and time, it would also go against your "TOS" by re-engineering them lol.

I wonder how others would think about this idea as well?

Author:  mesmark [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:18 pm ]
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I have tried to "tone" down the backings a bit. I've been using patterned backgrounds for the past few years, but the more popular cards were done first. Those have solid colors and are ink heavy. I get most of the complaints about the animal cards :)

Another way to go about getting game cards without using the backings, is to use the handout maker from Tools for Educators. You can cut up the cards there and paste them on to colored card to make sets.

If you are making sets with nice photo paper, I don't imagine that will be your choice. So, as you get into further sets, hopefully you'll need less ink.

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