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KG class is bored of a game after the first time! 
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Post KG class is bored of a game after the first time!
Hey all, Thanks for all the posts and advice, and thanks Mark for a great site!

So the one thing I've been thinking about lately is that the kids in my KG class seem to get tired of any given game after the first or second time we play it. I noticed that, for example, Mark likes to do circle time at the beginning of each lesson, but the kids in my group find it incredibly boring by the second or third day of the week. I do use different vocabulary each time. For example, Monday I'll do emotions, Tuesday I'll do weather, Wednesday I'll do clothes etc. But the same basic structure/routine (which I thought kids enjoyed?) seems to be stale already. I find even trying slight variations on that theme (Say, musical flashcards, or timed circle race) is boring for them. Maybe it's just boring to me, so they're picking up on that?

Basically, I feel like the kids in my group require super dynamic lessons that I'm still learning how to deliver. I mean different games every day, every week, etc.

So I'm wondering if anyone has any similar experiences dealing with a group of kids that seems to tire of an activity after the first go around, and requires constant new games/activities. Seems like there aren't enough games in the world to keep up with these kids! They're a group of 3 to 5 year olds, and they don't even like something like searching for the flashcard called out by a teammate.

Sorry for the rambling post, still trying to process things myself. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:54 pm
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Post Re: KG class is bored of a game after the first time!
sar1906, welcome to the forums! And, I'm glad to hear that you like the site and materials.

I do have the talking time (circle time) at the beginning of all of my kids classes, but I only have classes once a week. If I had a group for 3 times a week or more, I might structure the class a little differently. I imagine that I would have 3-4 different structures for the classes. I might have a vocabulary focused day, listening day, conversation day, and phonics and reading day, for example. I would have more than just those elements, but make them the main focus and formulate a class template for each.

If you have those different class plans, you'll still have a consistent structure but also enough variation that it doesn't get monotonous. However, I do think if you are not into the activities the kids can sense that.

It could also be just the make-up of the class. I have had classes where 1 or 2 students didn't want to be there and always seemed to drag the class down with them.

Another thought is the games may be too simple for your age group or possibly too advanced for the group.

Do you have a textbook that you are using?
How many students are in the class?
How old are they?

Build up! Be positive! Teach hard!

Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:55 pm
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Joined: Tue May 29, 2012 2:36 pm
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Post Re: KG class is bored of a game after the first time!
Hey Mark,

That makes sense. I'll probably do something like that. I was thinking of having one day for crafts where they can make something fun and take in English more passively as we talk about what they are doing, the materials, etc.

There is no textbook for the class. They just threw me in and said "teach English."

It's a group of a 6-10 (varies, depending on the day) 3-4 year olds. I've been doing different topics each day, but still trying circle time. Guess the differences weren't significant enough to keep their attention. I'll try what you suggest.

Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:37 pm

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Post Re: KG class is bored of a game after the first time!
Yeah, maybe you need to change the way of game that you played. The variations not about the theme, but also the innovation by adding new way that they haven't seen before. I do those things in my class. Sometimes I modify the game by change the type of game everyday, and repeat the same game (with some additions) in the next week. Because this way make them learn and think, and try to understand everytime the meet new things in learning.

Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:07 am

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Post Re: KG class is bored of a game after the first time!
I've got a similar case - my KG group is the same age and the same number.
And I haven't got a textbook too. And there're always kids who bothers me)
The way I found is rather simple.
We study for 30 minutes each time and there's a ritual of the lesson.
First we dance while listening the music. You can choose any music and it should be the same all the time so kids get used to it. The same music I use at the end of the lesson.
Cards and pictures don't work( So I use different activities that make kids move a lot. Also we use nurseries like Teddy Bear (turn around, touch the ground) and Hands up-Hands down.
The main rule for me - to make them move and speak)
So to learn colors I have paper circles. I mix them and ask - What's the color. And then we shout all together for 3 or 5 times - 'It's red! It's red)'. And so on.
After that I put all the colors on the carpet all around the room and say - 'Touch red'. All the kids should touch the red circle as fast as possible.
After that we play the game "Find the color". We look for colors round the room or looking at kids' clothes.
To learn words we play the game "I can". I say what I can do and kids should show it. The same way we play commands when I say them what to do - "Swim!Run!" and so on.
Also we play the opposites, saying sentences like 'I am tall. I am short' and show it while speaking. When they learn all the adjectives you can show them one and they can show and say the opposite of what you say) Also they like answering the questions - 'Are you stupid? - No, I'm not!I'm smart!'
Also my kids enjoy the game "Monster". First they choose how monster (me) looks like - is it short or tall, fat or thin, beautiful or ugly and so on. Then the monster sleeps, and kids shout - "Get up!". Monster wakes up and says - "I'm hungry! Give me fish!". Kids give the monster fish. While you play, comment - and I'm eating and eating... Also monster can be hungry or sad or tired. There're lots of variants. If kids are bored, I just run and catch them)
And all the time I'm thinking of new games)

Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:20 pm
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