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Some games to help you!
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Author:  superbuy2 [ Fri Jan 23, 2015 5:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Some games to help you!

Hi all, my name is Harry.
and as mentioned in my reply above, I currently doing home tutor to 2 kids of age 6 and 9 in China right now.
I've been following this great site since 2013, and it really was and still is a great help for me. (thanks to MesMark!)

so here I'll try to share some games that I use when i'm teaching.

1. Simple rock paper scissor for vocab drilling
Just use simple printout materials from this site, and start teaching 4-5 at a time. It goes:
ex; Me:(show fc) Blanket.
then do hand waving for Rock Paper Scissor, while saying the word 3 times together with students.
Together: Blanket Blanket Blanket (do rock-paper-scissor).
Winner get the FC, and you get to ask them to say it one more time.
After 4-5 FCs, pull out every FC that they've got, and let them name each one. If they get it wrong, do another
rock-paper-scissor just for that FC between the two of em.(this will encourage them to try their best to get it right)

2. Improvise from "What time is it Mr. Wolf?"
Great to drill new vocabs and target structures. (for example: I'm teaching question word WHO, and how to answer)
Me: (hold on a bunch of FC, pick one that I want to be without telling them, for example: the theme is Christmas, and
I choose Snowman.
Ss: (they stay like 10 steps away from me to begin with) Are you Santa? Are you Christmas Tree?
(each student need to ask once)
Me: No. (then they have to move one step towards me, and start asking again)
Yes. --> SS: Who are you? Me: I'm Snowman! (then I started chasing them)

They'll run away of course, if one of them is going to get caught, he/she can squat down while saying any one word from vocab(mean he/she is safe, but cannot move), the other one can still get him/her to be able to move again by touching him/her while saying that exact word.

3. Chair hugging (also for vocab drill)
Select 5 new vocab of the day, put in on chairs that are to set up in in advance.
Since its just the 3 of us, I started saying 2 vocab, then we each run to it. The one who doesn't get a seat, will be in
turn to say another 2 vocab.
(Since my kids here really love to move and run around, we also set up some rules like we need to circle a
table once before get on the seat, we need to run with one leg, etc)
After a few round you can move around the FCs for variations, or change it to another, so that they'll always have something new.

4. FC hiding, Sound guiding. (another vocab drill)
So each get turns to be the one to find the FC. the other 2 get to hide it.
So when we begin, the other 2 will keep repeating the FC that they hide, and me going around looking for where they hide
it. The sound goes weaker if I'm moving away from where they hide it, goes stronger if I move closer to it.
Easy, fun, and lots of drilling :D

There are many other games that we used, like Butt Sumo, Kangaroo, Hide and Seek, Blindfold Marco polo kind of, Chikupa(weird 6 hand gesture game), but mostly I used Tools for Educator in this site to create some BINGO game out of the vocab, and also create my own Tic Tac Toe game design for every new vocab.
I'll share it some other time.


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