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Author:  xenofied [ Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: post your favorite warm ups

I have only done this with 5-year-olds. I have everyone standing as straight as possible. Then we all say the target language (TL). Every time we say the TL we crouch just a little bit until our bums are centimeters off the ground, at that point when we say the TL again, we all fall, bums first, onto the ground. Since we are all already so close it doesn't hurt but the act of releasing pressure from the legs (which have been supporting the entire process of slowly crouching) along with the bum hitting the ground always causes a mass of excitement among the kids. They are anxiously waiting for me to say, "ok, lets stand up!!", so they can do it again.

To illustrate a little better. We start standing up. What ensues is as each word is spoken, we start just slightly bending the knees, until it looks like we are sitting in an imaginary chair, and as we continue speaking we go from the sitting position to a full crouch. Once in the full crouch the next word spoken sends us all to the ground (the more dramatic the better).

As there is constant little spurts of movement, the best type of TL I have seen for this so far is some sort of vocabulary review. For example I would use this to review days of the week and months of the year with my 5-year-olds. However, who knows, it might work with speaking full sentences.

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