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More games and activities... 
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Post More games and activities...
I have already tried out the paper game with 2 of my classes. We used it for present tense and future tense. For my older groups that are more advanced I took away the names on the sides and just wrote numbers 1-12. Then before we started, each student had to draw a number and answer the questions according to their number. The first student that figured out each person´s number and wrote the correct name was my winner. My students loved this.

Have you ever played ¨4 corners¨?

This is very easy and fun. It can be used with little ones or older kids.

The idea is to choose 4 categories. You could use a different number, as low as 3 or up to 5 or 6. For example, to practice vocabulary, you could choose animals, food, clothes, and verbs.

I usually play outside and literally find 4 corners and put a sign with each category in each corner. You could also play indoors on paper or on the board and ust draw the 4 corners.

All the students have 10 seconds to choose which corner they will end up in. The teacher, or student, who is counting to ten has to close their eyes so they don´t know who is in which corner.

Next, the counter randomly draws a card with a vocab word, ¨monkey¨
All of the students who are standing in the animal corner would be out.

Continue until there is only one student left. When it gets down to just a few students, you have to eliminate one or two categories to make it more difficult.

I play this with adults as well. We use verb tenses instead of vocab. I also have them each write 4 sentences before we play, one sentence each using present, past, future, and present perfect. Then we draw their sentences to determine who is out. I make the students read the sentences and decide which tense it is.

Wed May 30, 2012 4:05 am
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Post Re: More games and activities...
The corners game seems like a fun game. And you can always change your shape if you are doing it on a piece of paper. Just use a triangle, pentagon, or hexagon. I think I might just make a few different shapes and laminate them. It seems like you could just change shapes in the middle of the game as well.

Thanks for the idea!

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Thu May 31, 2012 6:01 pm
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Post Re: More games and activities...
If you are playing the indoor version on paper, you could use a point system instead of the students being ¨out¨.

If they chose a corner that was not called by the teacher and are ¨safe¨they could win a point, or if they chose a corner that was called by the teacher they could lose a point....

Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:07 am

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Post Re: More games and activities...
Have you ever played ¨Who is the thief?¨ (My version of the game ¨Mafia¨)

This is speaking game focused on creativity and practicing vocab. and past or past continuous.

It is for big kids and adults because they have to be a little more advanced and it doesn´t involve moving around. However, my students say it is fun, especially when they win!


You need one card for each student (best if played in groups of 4-8). One card is the thief. The other cards can be blank or use different occupation vocab., police officer, baker, teacher, Ice cream man, doctor, etc...

***Before you play-

Explain that everyone is a citizen living in (Make up a funny name here) Town. Pass out a card to each student, they can look at a card but it is a secret. They shouldn´t show it to anyone else.

Explain that their card is the character they will be in the Town.

The teacher (or another student) is the narrorator.

The game starts off and it is night. All the people/students are sleeping and should close their eyes.

When the students open their eyes it is the morning of Day 1, Monday. And they listen to the news.

The teacher gives the news each morning:

¨Last night in ____ Town their was a robbery at the (name of place here: Museum) where a (name of something you find at that place: Priceless painting) was stolen. We need your help to find the thief!¨

(More possibilities for the robbery: bank/a million dollars, police station/police car, zoo/elephant, baseball stadium/home plate)

Then there is a court trial and each townsperson is asked ¨where were you yesterday, Sunday, at 8p.m.?¨

Each student gives an alibi. (For example if they are the teacher they could say something like ¨I am not the thief. Yesterday at 8p.m. I was at the school grading my students´tests.¨)

The thief should also give an alibi to convince the others that they are innocent. They can say ¨Yesterday, I watched a movie¨ or try to trick others into thinking they are a different townsperson, ¨Yesterday, I was at the hospital with a patient¨.

Then after all the alibis are given, the town must vote on who they think is the thief. The vote can be by a show of hands or a secret ballot. The person with the most votes goes to ¨jail¨and they will show their card. If they are in jail they cannot speak or vote.

If the thief was caught and put in jail, then the townspeople have won and saved the town.

If an innocent townsperson was put in jail (like the baker) then the thief is still at large and the process repeats. It is night again and there is another robbery while everyone is sleeping.

The game continues until the thief is caught. Or it gets down to one townsperson and the thief. In that case, the thief wins.

Students should be encouraged to be as creative as possible with their alibis.

It sounds a little complicated, but it is easy to understand when you play it. Students are practicing listening and speaking skills, days of the week, occupation, places, and past tense.

Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:21 am

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Post Re: More games and activities...
I tried some easy to make clay games where kids were given easy clay figures to make and decorate them with paint. It was a 1 hour game and turned out to be pretty amusing. :)

Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:29 pm

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Post Re: More games and activities...
I have very recently introduced a new game where I play games based on popular animation characters, like the cuddly penguins from Penguins of Madagascar or the fierce dragons from How to Train Your Dragon and allot small tasks to the kids based on the game. These can be used for spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary skill checker and have found my kindergarten students to be very much enthusiastic about these.

Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:39 pm
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