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Baseball game 
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Post Baseball game
Hi all! I used the mes baseball game yesterday for the first time and I found that lots of runs are scored and the game doesn't seem to ever end!! My students were third year middle school (9th grade). The score was 18-13 after only two innings in a one hour period!
I think it'd be useful to have more 'outs' in the game cards ie fly ball caught at short stop etc.
Also we ended up making up some of our own rules. When a student doesn't understand a question, they can ask, "Can you say that again, please?!" but only once. If they ask again, it's an automatic strike.
I was contemplating having a 'one strike, you're out' policy too, to keep the game flowing.

What have other people found?

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Sat Aug 08, 2015 1:42 pm
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Post Re: Baseball game
Karen - Thanks for the feedback. The scores shouldn't run up so high unless you are playing for a long time.

In the game, one student will ask a yes/no question to a member of the other team.

Let's use the health flashcards as an example

A: (takes a health card: fever - A keeps the card a secret, not showing the other person)
Does she have a broken leg?
B: Yes. (B is blindly guessing and has a 50% chance of being right or out)
Does she have a broken leg?
A: No.

In this case B is out, and that's one out. If you have several players on a team, you'll have the pitcher and batter change and continue. I assume this is where the problem is. Maybe when you were playing, you didn't have this part in the game. ???

A: (takes a health card: cough - A keeps the card a secret, not showing the other person)
Does he have a cough?
B: No.
Does he have a cough?
A: No.

In this case, B can take a baseball card and he has 30-40% chance of being out, getting a strike or foul ball card.

So, all in all, each batter has about a 30% chance of successfully getting on base. That's a little better than real baseball.

Re: the game is too long
You can limit the number of innings to 3 or 5, instead of a full 9 inning game. Or, you can just play for a set amount of time, 15 minutes for example.

I don't think I have never played a full 9 inning game.

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Sun Aug 09, 2015 10:07 am
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Post Re: Baseball game
:smt006 Hi Mark!

I didn't print any foul cards. Maybe I need to go back and check the game cards.....
I think my kids were too good at answering. They got the answers right and got so many runs. So often, they all got run cards in a row, then with bases loaded, a home run card came up!! So lots of runs were scored!

It was fun though - the kids really enjoyed the game! I have a class of ten boys. And I'll definitely be using it again for other classes. I'll just tweak it a bit

Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:39 pm
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