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Teaching 'be'
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Author:  mesmark [ Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Teaching 'be'

Listen to the show.

This show Mark and Matt have a few new things on their websites for visitors. Matt has put up some new videos to match the Dream English songs. Some of the videos have 'live performances and some utelize images. Please check them out.

Mark has added some worksheet makers to Fun Fonix.com. You can make quite a few custom worksheets using Fun Fonix images. There are game makers, reading worksheets, spelling worksheets and more!

This week's show covers the verb 'be'. We discuss:

    * teaching the concept of 'be'
    * teaching 'be' without translation
    * ideas for practicing 'be'
    * teaching negative and question formation
    * ideas for teaching conjugation

We'd love to hear how you use you teach 'be' or ideas for how you practice 'be' with your students. Post them here. Ask questions or leave comments about the show. You can also just pop-in and introduce yourself. We'd love to know who's listening.

Thanks for listening!

Game of the Week: the Question Guessing Game

This is an activity for practicing yes/no sentence formation. It goes well with 'be' and this episode, but the Question Guessing Game can be used for any yes/no question form-practice. There are ideas for downloads you can use from MES-English, but you don't need to prepare any materials if you don't want to. It works well with any age groupd (and I'm not just saying that :D )

Happy teaching!

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