Bombs Away is a two player game that can be used to practice sentence formation or yes/no question and answer. This is not an original idea nor is it new to the ESL community, but it is laid out well and can be downloaded and adapted to whatever grammar you'd like to practice (as simple as letters and numbers or dates, or as complicated as perfect tenses.) This activity should get every student talking all at the same time (either asking or answering in the target language.)

The Instructions:

1. Students plot 2 of each boat (six boats total) in their ocean (elongate ovals) up and down or side to side. They can't place them diagonal or crossing each other.

2. In turns students use the coordinates (across, up and down) to make either a sentence or a question. For example :

Sentence: Ken plays soccer.

Question: Does Ken play soccer?

3. Their partner will track the coordinates in their ocean (Ken and play) and check if there is a boat in that square or not. If there is a boat, the students answer yes or hit. If there is no boat, the students answers no or miss.

Sentence: Hit./Miss.

Question: Yes, he does./No, he doesn't.

Both students then place a hit or miss mark in the appropriate square.

4.Students continue play until they sink all of their opponent's ships or until time runs out (in which case you can count number of hits to decide the winner - if it's a tie, go to sudden death.)

The game board: Bombs Away

Just open file and you can edit and save it. This particular file is set up for practicing 3rd person present singular. Below are some examples of the same game with different values to practice different grammar points. If you are using this with lower elementary school students, I would first let them play with letters and numbers. Once they understand the game, it will be easier to get them to make sentences. If your values don't fit in the grid, just decrease the font size.

Here are a couple more games that are ready to print: passive game, past tense game, mixed tenses game

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