This is an awesome interview activity, conversational game, pair work or large class activity. It's a great speaking activities for adults, young adults and children. This game allows students to ask three questions per exchange but more can be added. One student assumes the personality and the other tries to guess who he is. However, students can practice the third person by taking on the personality as a friend and asking questions about her.

How to play:

- give every student one game board. (Game board makers listed below)

- two students meet and play rock paper scissors.

- the loser of rock paper scissors (S2) will choose one of the personalities down the left hand column. It's a secret which personality they choose so, they should do this silently.

- The winner of rock paper scissors (S1) can now ask two questions.

S1: Did you play soccer yesterday?

S2: Yes, I did.

S1: Did you study yesterday?

S2: No, I didn't

- S2 will answer with the information in that row corresponding to the character they chose.

- S1 listens to the answers and then tries to guess who the S2 chose to be.

S1: Are you Kim?

S2: Yes, I am. :(

- In this case, S1 is the winner again, because he correctly guessed who S2 chose. S1 would take one paper from S2. The two would break up and go find a new partner and play again.

- S2 would go get a new paper from the teacher if she were out of paper.

- If S1 had guessed incorrectly.

S1: Are you Ann?

S2: No, I'm not. :)

- In this case, S1 doesn't get to take S2's paper. ( You could allow S2 a chance to take S1's paper but I usually just have them break up with no paper exchange.)

- The person with the most sheets of paper at the end of the game is the winner.

Make game boards for this game with character images or without:

If you'd like to use text only, here is a Word .doc template for you:

Paper Game (A4 paper size) and Paper Game (Letter paper size)

You should make 3 times as many game boards as there are students. The game board makers will generate 2 boards per sheet. Print the game and then make photocopies as necessary.

Using the different images you can create games to practice an awesome amount of language. The sky is the limit with this one. Here's a little more info on how to make the most of this game.


*** variations ***

- Have students greet each other as if they've never met before. Then you can add several questions to the beginning of the activity. Just let the students know what situation this particular speech act is taking and they can do that prior to playing rock paper scissors. Then follow the games as written out above.

Any questions or suggestions, let me know.

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