Dialog Worksheet Maker and printable conversation practice worksheets to make conversation worksheets for adult or teen classes using these templates to create language exercises for the classroom. You can also use an under bar, ___, and make blanks for students to practice verb conjugation or make fill-in the preposition activities.

Choose which adult characters you want to use in your dialog, the style: man - woman, woman - man, 2 women - 1 man, etc. The edit the dialogs to suit your target language. You can change the font size depending on how long your dialog is. There are large (for short dialog worksheets), medium, and small fonts (for long dialogs.) You can also move the text around to get it centered in the text bubble. Hit the print button and your done!

To make comic strip style worksheets with pictures of teens, try the comic strip maker:

comic strip worksheetscomic strip maker

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